A sneak peek and a casting call

Models needed!
I want to give my shop a makeover, redoing all the ads in the look you see here. Styling requirements: white top, white or very light hair and light eyes (optional) Accessories welcome, matching the character. Skin and makeup provided. Please IM Malicia Python inworld or here or mail to maliciap@live.de. To check on the skins, check my Flickr:http://www.flickr.com/photos/silken_moon/ or pay Silken Moon a visit http://slurl.com/secondlife/Napf/43/21/35.
Looking forward to talking to you Mal

Luna tetst ad 1



MVW Academy courses

My MVW Academy Seminars – core contents, I will always try to discuss whatever your questions are.

Styling with Makeup:
Very often, fashion stylings end below the chin, giving away the chance to stage your face as part of the show. This seminar focuses on the styling possibilities with makeup and a some other tweaks you can make to stage your face and make yourself a bit more of a brand.

Basic Avatar enhancement with a graphic editor 1
Some very simple tricks to debug your own shoots using a programme like Photoshop or GIMP. Get rid of the nasty triangles next to your nose, unbreak your elbows. This session will concentrate on the tool palette only.
you can download gimp for free and even an older version of the creative suite by adobe https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?pid=4485850&e=cs2_downloads

Basic Avatar enhancement with a graphic editor 2
Part one recommended but not necessary. This session will cover some tricks how to make your SL shoots look more impressive. Working with the Dodge and burn tool, using filters and adding layers. After we make the avi look better in 1, we will now focus on the hair and eyes.

Planned Oct.2013

Social Media Management for Bloggers and VIPs to be

Old news that the social media took over a crucial role even in SL networking. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, among others offer not only access to your SL friends when you cannot log in. These platforms can also be powerful tools for bloggers and other networkers to push their message.

The first part will cover the basics like:

-building up a network (e.g. facebook)


-social media psychology

Personal Branding

The second part is about:

-quick repetition of part 1 (Q&A)

-setting up and maintaining a blog (e.g. wordpress)

-have yourself found via google a bit of SEO (Search engine optimization)

Tracking your success

Requirements: Part one is designed to help beginners and average users, it will help if you have a facebook account and have had a look at a blogging system like wordpress.

I prefer to hold the classes via skype. In any case they will be held in voice. Time app. 1 hour per lesson.

Please contact Wicca Merlin for further infos

Life on Mars Gifts


Photographer: Dahriel

We cried, we cursed, we called SL names but we made it! The Crazy Connection udgraded their shops. To celebrate we made a gift each – you get one half at PosESioN, the other at Silken Moon. Enjoy Dahriel and Mal

Slink avatar enhancement available

As a start, I made the hands and feet for the Eclipse line. Because I have so many different skin tones – like 10 color Eclipse or 24 Signature tones, I will only upload the other textures when needed. Do not hesitate to ask for your Silken Moon’s skin appliers.

I got so thrilled by the nails I made a nailpolish as a gift and I am sure there are more to follow! Pick it up in the mainstoreNailpolish Slink


I test all my HUD and every button before packing. Still there could be issues:

Make sure you wear the right attachments, the HUD only work with the AV Enhanced version of the SLINK hands, feet. They are in a box in the folder you get when unpacking your purchase by SLINK. Unpack those and wear. (in other words when you can tint your hands and feet, you are wearing the wrong ones for the appliers)

Make sure you got the right HUD. Hands or feet, fingernails or toenails work only for the attachment they are made for. (Unlike the SLINK Hud, other creator’s HUD do not have skin and nail options in one HUD.The nail length can only be altered by the Nail Visibility HUD coming with your SLINK Item)

When the HUD tells you that is is applying, it works. If you don’t see any change, it is either lag (wait a bit) or your attachments are messed up. Make sure you are on script enabled land, if so: rez and reset the scripts of a copy. If that does not work, get a redelivery of your SLINK items. To reset, right click the attachment and go into the Building menu, tab CONTENTS button Reset scripts. Or right click and pick “Build” from your top menu > Scripts > Reset Scripts in selection. In either case you should get some window telling you the scripts were reset.

If the HUD won’t do anything: Make sure you are on script enabled land, if so: rez and reset (sometimes it only works by resetting twice)

If your skin and prim tone do not match using the applier, it is due to the light setting, please read your SLINK instructions for more info.

I can only help you with the Silken Moon HUD (hahaha I do not write “if the HUD says it is applying in local chat, leave me alone” now), for any other issue please contact the SLINK team

If you have a gray, “no texture” texture after applying a skintone or nails, SL ate it, let me know, so  I can fix. (Please wait a bit after applying, sometimes it does take longer for a texture to rez)

Silken Moon in Haute Magazine

Check out this wonderful article in the latest Haute issue: Leah McCullough, Wicca Merin and Desireme Fallen, thank you so much for this beautiful thing!

HAUTE Issue2 MARCH 201373

HAUTE Issue2 MARCH 201374HAUTE Issue2 MARCH 201375HAUTE Issue2 MARCH 201376

(Leah and I are wearing Eclipse skins, Wicca made Morbida shine and Desireme glammed the Flappers)

Silken Moon for FFL Update

Seems, SL invented a new glitch for me. In some windlight setting, for some avatars, the bisque tone looks off, I would not know if I haven’t seen it on a shared screen in Skype. To be sure, I added another skintone for the FFL exclusive Eclipse skin. Thanks again Wicca 🙂