Customer Service


When online IM or NC me, offline I sometimes get neither, to be sure mail to


Please provide the transaction details and I’ll resend asap


Sales are final, as the products are no transfer. Only exception: double purchases sent to the same avatar.


If you are unhappy with your purchase, please let me know the reason. I will try my best to remedy. But Do try the demos and ask any question before purchasing, please.

Typical skin glitches in SL:

When the skin does not rezz fully, there might be slight seams, though the skin details look ok. Sometimes a rebake or a quick edit appearance helps, sometimes SL is just buggy.

Square blotches or checked bits are due to the skin texture stuck in loading for you. Try the above, but sometimes only a relog helps.

Smeared eyeshadow: please try the hair/eyebrows provided with the skin. Too high or too arched eyebrows pull the texture from the lid up.

If the skin comes with a gray head, body or legs, the texture could not be found in the SL inventory server. Check the grid status. If the skin is like that the next day, plz IM me, I need to re-upload the textures and you will be sent a new copy.

Problems with your SLINK Appliers:

Detailed Troubleshooting

Custom Skins


Detailed Description


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