New Goupgift

A sexy lil thing for your belly *sucks in tummy*

Group gift navelputty


Life on Mars Gifts


Photographer: Dahriel

We cried, we cursed, we called SL names but we made it! The Crazy Connection udgraded their shops. To celebrate we made a gift each – you get one half at PosESioN, the other at Silken Moon. Enjoy Dahriel and Mal

Group Gift

As Christmas was such a busy time for me, I thought to let the Moonies have something very special: an exclusive SM Eclipse Skin.

Group gift Vendor


Usually joining the group is free, but when I have a skin out, I set a fee. I do not mind with the other gifts, but my skins are not freebies.

The spirit of Christmas

This year Silken Moon has an advent calender, all visitors can get one gift per day until thw 24th Dec. (thats when the Germans celebrate Christmas eve). Plus we have one gift in the KittyCatS Calender, too, available from the 12th to NY here:

. Advent calendar Silken Moon Santa Gift Ad

A happy advent time to all of you. Mal