Custom Skin Showcase

Some ago, Wicca was to reinvent herself. She wore my Rookie as her standard skin before and wanted to save that look but in a new and fresh thus more unseen adaption. Being a good friend, I listened carefully and being the better friend I added my own ideas, too. Fighting some of SL’s bugs – which turned out to be real monsters then, we brought that skin to life. And I won’t lie or even exaggerate when I say, Wicca was more than 100% happy. Her saying “it was like you looked into my mind and multiplied my thoughts onto my avatar” was like the biggest compliment I ever got on my work. And likewise Wicca, to me it was easy: just bringing your inner beauty out.

For the photo, Wicca used one of her custom lipsticks on her “bare” skin and added some of her fave eyemakup from the SM Eclipse line. Pam Astonia took this stunning shoot. Thank you both!

Wicca2-Malicia Skins

Wicca’s account on the whole affair.


Custom Skins

I guess I am one of the few designers who enjoys custom works. I have a whole shopful of my own ideas, so why not play in a creative team with a client? And it is teamwork, conglomerating both’s ideas for the outcome. As I get more and more requests (thank you for that :)) I wanted to collect some things you should know about my custom work here.

What to expect?

Whatever your idea is, the outcome will be a Silken Moon realization. I am still a designer and no Photoshop soldier, so the work will bear my handwriting. Please make sure you really like my work. A compromise might be a custom makeup tattoo for your own avi stock.

My core expertise is female skins and makeup, if you want anything else, please let’s talk.

Transgender Skins: A very interesting field and I have not one problem adding a female face to a male body – or ask for your custom makeup tattoo.

Children Skins: One thing I will not discuss: if you want me to create a kid, they will have underwear rendered onto the skin. Period. And plz: I know you are a grown up person, I am not into kids’ roleplay so plzzzzz no child talk 🙂

Petites and Mesh avis: I would love to provide you with skins, but I will not give out my textures. If you know any way I can texture your mesh avi, or get one and pass to you, please let me know. As of now I haven’t found any way to do so.

Degrees of Customization:

So far I did everything from a modification of my existing skins to creating an exclusive skin line collaborating with the client. As a reference of my biggest project so far, please check Wicca Merlin’s blog for our Wicca Skin line.


Please understand I canot make a price list here, I can just quote you some milestones. Usually I estimate the workload and quote you a price before we start.

A simple customization of an existing skin, lets say a mole, a tattoo you provide (mind the copyrights here – I take such things serious) or a specific makeup will be the price of the base skin plus 20 – 50% handling and uploading. Depending on the workload.

Frankensteining from my skin stock and colour variations might be about twice as much as the base skin. Depending on the workload.

Creating a new skin from your ideas (and my counseling)  starts around 10k L$. Gasp? Yes! But keep in mind, this would be hours or even days of work – real life time.

How is the procedure?

When you know what you are after, let’s talk. This will be easier when you provide me with some samples, pictures of what you want and especially colour swatches: is some red tomato, strawberry, cherry, ruby, rose or fire red? Better to see than to guess. Please keep the typical SL limitations in mind, and that a shape is very important of how a skin looks. And please understand I will not play try and error with you, but I will do my best to make you the happiest avi on the grid about that very skin. That’s why the first counseling might take up to some hours. Thus, I will not steal real people’s faces and paste them onto my  work, a person can be a reference for some features you are after, but the outcome will be my remodeling. This is not only a copyright matter, but also my understanding of the work of a SL designer and how my skins should look.

After we discussed what you want and what I can do for you, I ll work out our ideas. I ll ask for a deposit and start working. I ll also let you know when to expect the 1st demo of your skin. When you get the demo, you have the chance to alter a few things, things we might not have discussed beforehand or features you haven’t seen before. The sum minus deposit is due when I deliver the goods.

Later add-ons to your skin will be cheaper as you already paid for the base work. As I mentioned a few times, what I ask for depends on the workload.


If we agree on your custom as an exclusive, I grant that this skin wont ever be on sale or given away as it is. But I reserve the right to use parts for other creations (of course not those, you might have provided, like your own tattoo.) There might be an extra charge – as I cannot sell this skin as it is.