A sip of tea after work – flat heel heaven


Nothing like stretching your legs after some hours of shop modeling! Though today Wicca and I were like floating on clouds wearing Leezu’s new Yukatan Pants. And I am seriously in love with those. I even liked them before I tried on the black one :). And as I am a lazy person at times I just love that the shoes and pants are one item, I don’t know how often I cursed when the pants and boots I wanted to combine didn’t get along. Besides they have a lovely martial, yet stylish appeal, especially with the chunky boots. Heels are fine, but standing in them … you know, right?

If you like know Wicca’s styling: check it out here



The hair is the Exile one available at the Collabor88 event right now – very practical, too to have the hat just on your head and not editing the crap out of it because it is IN your hair. As I am no professional fashion blogger, please forgive my imperfect styling card, the top is Leezu’s Loui Jacket in charcoal, The belt, also by Leezu is snatched from the Cortez Shorts. The bangles are E-Clipse (the ones coming with the prim nails), Necklace, Twisted and Spoilt (part of the Bullet outfit) Hands are Slink, nail polish mine and tadaaaaa the skin is a proto of my new Luna line, so stay tuned for news here. Wicca’s pose on the 2nd piccie 🙂

Oh and the lovely teapot is Noctis – one of my favourite finds recently.

And looking at my arms, I should really have one of these cakes XD


One thought on “A sip of tea after work – flat heel heaven

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