A note to my dear bloggers

I apologize to those who nicely blogged my items beforehand. But the other day I went through my list and stumbled over names I haven’t heard of for ages. A vanity google showed there wasn’t much to see anyway. I do not ask for exclusivity, I do not ask for a group slot and I have never asked for any kind of documentation because I took it for granted that bloggers blog when they volunteer to do so. The same goes for friends I send out to without any blogging agreements, but a would-be-nice-if-you-did arrangement.

Some words on skin blogging:

If you blog a skin, let it be the centre of attention. That does not necessarily mean a faceshoot – thought that helps a lot – and a kini pic, please refrain from nudity. A full avi pic with a tiny face hidden in masses of hair will not do on the other hand. Another no-go is to wear make up (of another brand in special) over the skin. You would never blog a dress wearing a coat on top, right?

And yes, I do expect a skin post when I send out a skin worth half a grand. That means the skin is nicely staged and visible. When you use the skin later for other posts, you can stage it as you like. The same goes for makeup I send out. Feel free to be creative. I know it is often a compromise to present the brands you blog and the look you want to achieve and I prefer blogs that have your touch of personality.

I won’t ever make a fuss if RL has you by the balls, but it would be just polite to let me, or Steele Sirnahn, know. Steele has kindly offered to handle the blogging matters for me. So do not jump when he IMs you 🙂

Please understand: I appreciate the work you do very much, but there is a difference between blogging samples and freebies. And my skins are no freebies. They take hours or days of work and I think as I respect your work as bloggers, please pay my designs the same respect.


Clothes blogging:

I would love to see you wearing a Silken Moon skin and makeup with the clothes, but it is not mandatory, I fully understand if you want to blog as yourself. Though these pics won’t help as store ads

That was a lot of talk to introduce my rules for bloggers:

no exclusivity demanded, of course you can blog for other skinners

no group slot needed, I use a mailer with online detection, so please watch out for any item send to you when you log in. The “I didn’t get it”may work once or twice …)

no physical punishment when you IM me or Steele Sirnah in case you think you missed something or just want to say hello

Post required, not that very day but as they are new releases, an asap would be cool

Makeup: even easier to blog by the way, and I would love to see that too

Posts: I love to see your work, so please send me and or Steele a link  (Steele will ask you for an NC about once a month from now on)

No post: please feedback why.

Requests: if you think any of my skins/makeup would be cool for a post, just ask me or Steele (but please, if you need a lippy set for 75L … I have to pay rent too XD)

Thanks for your attention and you may call me a bitch 🙂

Here is the application form for new bloggers:



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