How could I have ever lived without them?

I always hated the avis’ hands and feet but did my best to make them look good on skin. Some ago I learned that SLINK was offering a kind of applier thingie for their mesh attachments. As some customers I asked for these, I grudgingly got them. You know scripts do hate me – and at times I hate them back passionately – I was not too keen on building huds. I got started anyway and hey, it was really easy. The results were stunning – seamless hands and feet in most light settings. But what really stunned me was the nails. My AO ist quite hand-wild, so prim nails float by my hands some of the time. With the SLINK hands they stay put. For the first time in my SL I can enjoy nails AND my beloved AO. YAY. Of course I wanted more nail polishes. So I made some and decided to share them with you. I really love the colours and the satin like shimmer on them. Though the lil buggers are hard to snap for an ad. Get your free demo-sample in my mainstore and see yourself

nails ad  all


Single Pack: 6 colours for fingers and toes

4-Pack: 24 Colours

Fatpack: 17 Single packs = 102 colours (light pastels not depicted here)

A free sample is available.



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