Custom Skin Showcase

Some ago, Wicca was to reinvent herself. She wore my Rookie as her standard skin before and wanted to save that look but in a new and fresh thus more unseen adaption. Being a good friend, I listened carefully and being the better friend I added my own ideas, too. Fighting some of SL’s bugs – which turned out to be real monsters then, we brought that skin to life. And I won’t lie or even exaggerate when I say, Wicca was more than 100% happy. Her saying “it was like you looked into my mind and multiplied my thoughts onto my avatar” was like the biggest compliment I ever got on my work. And likewise Wicca, to me it was easy: just bringing your inner beauty out.

For the photo, Wicca used one of her custom lipsticks on her “bare” skin and added some of her fave eyemakup from the SM Eclipse line. Pam Astonia took this stunning shoot. Thank you both!

Wicca2-Malicia Skins

Wicca’s account on the whole affair.

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