Silken Moon Eclipse

Wondered why there was such a long Silken silence? Actually I have been very busy behind the scenes. Before spending months in Photoshop, I spent a month thinking of what a “modern” skin should do for the wearer. The possibility of adding makeup layers to a skin changed a lot. Therefore I felt the times of makeup variations are over.

I found my nude skins always sold best, for the obvious reason that you can add makeup to them for your very own look. So I developed a skin system grounded on that insight. Basic skins for different looks instead of ready-made faces, plus the makeup to max out the desired look or create your own. I decided to make makeup the way you actually apply it RL, for example, the skin’s lips working as a lipliner, the lipstick on top and maybe some gloss on top on that. Or you apply an eyeshadow foundation, add the eyeliner and then blacken your lashes. This led to a (still growing) range of makeups perfectly complementing each other and offering thousands of unique combinations.

Malicia Skins - Headshot -  Wicca Merlin copy-Signature-Sharper

For the official ad, I tossed Wicca Merlin all the skins and makeups. After she breathed into a paperbag for a lil, she picked the Fab beergarden Eyeshadow base, The copper  colour eye and the lippy from the Steam bag topped with the deep set eyeliner to wear on the Casual skin. She maxed out the look with her unique styling and feeling for colours. Pam Astonia shot the ad and I was stunned seeing my brainchild come to life. Besides borrowing her beauty to the new line, Wicca counseled me on the needs of a model, giving me tons of insights I could not have had on my own.

At some point, all the ideas, insights, and ambitions fell into place and formed a stunningly simple system.

I basically defined 10 Looks, one of them being an all blank face, even without eyebrows to add individual features.

– Canvas, Casual, Formal, Urban, Doll, Boho, Steam, Goth, Fab, Burlesque

Each look comes in 4 Tones 

– a deep tan (Brûlée) a fair lively tone (Bisque), a very light complexion (Lumee) and a natural cooler med tone ideal for warmer haircolours. Plus each skin her one variant in a fantasy colour.

Each skin comes in 3 unique Body Options all options are available for every skin as a tattoo layer

– Cup A, natural breasts, enhanced cleavage, Abs – all with three degrees of shiny legs; freckled body, a high shine and golden shine version

Each look has a set of matching lip- and eye makeup to be bought individually for maximal flexibility

– the make up range will be extended continually

Plus there is more in the pipeline 🙂

Thx for reading all that



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