Tattoo (some words on skins)

Hi, thx for peeping in. I am Malicia Pyton, that is an avatar in the metaverse of Second Life ® ™ etc. I make skins and this is what this blog is about. I know there are tons of such things around there, so why do I bother to feed you some more? 2 reasons: 1. I love making them 2, I think they are special.

What makes may skin special is that the girls have character,  a unique expression or persona each. Call it a designer’s folly, but I only add makeup to a nude base when she tells me her name. This is when a photoshop file comes to life for me. when it looks at you and says “Hi! I am a person, my name is …”

What a skin needs first to come into existence is an idea, an inspiration of whom to create. Then it just flows – well in the best case it does. and this is the reason why every skinline I make has a makeup set of her won, not the same smokey eyes/red lips…. fits all for each and every line.

Every makeup is my interpretation of what this lady needs for some occasions or how her world looks like. Take Rawxy, AFTER DARK is a sexy makeup made to turn heads, OUTTA BED is nude with some freckles (yes the minutes before you grab your concealer). Ava is inspired by the key colours and looks of some fashion designers from a classic french understatement to british punk oppulence.

I do custom skins, too – when I like the idea, so if you ever dreamt about a skin, please let’s talk.



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