Couture Impressions

The mesh clothes department has been growing fast. Thank you Beatrice Serendipity, Ms Chevia, Noc Farstrider and VeronicaLynn Parx

Comfortable in our Skin

Some really useful tip! May I add, if it is an investment skin, wear the demo for a few days, often the novelty wears off after a few days and you regret spending that much. Plus if the skin tone is new, make sure the hair you are wearing with the demo fits the undertone.

Second Shoppers

Silken Moon 1

So I thought I’d talk a bit about skin shopping today!  I know some of ya’ll haven’t changed your skin in eons, and if you’re happy, I’m happy lol.  But nothing can update your look faster or more completely than a good skin.  It’s the foundation on which you build your look, and the one thing I think that is most remembered about your look as well.  A skin can make you more comfortable or uncomfortable about how you look too.  Clothing is easy to change, and most of us like to try a variety of looks and dress for different occasions, but your skin goes with you wherever you go.

Silken Moon 2

I have several skins that I currently love and wear a lot.  I have many from Silken Moon, but this one is my new fav because it is so close to my skin in RL.  What I love about SL though, is if I’m feeling like a…

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Silken Moon’s P Skin line ” Pecan”

Cc's Fashion Frenzy

Hey guys today we are showing the Pecan skin from Silken Moon, another one of Malicia Python’s beautiful creations.  When I first seen this skin I thought she would just be a gorgeous brunette and I hope I did her justice!  She has a light shading of freckles which work amazingly well with brown hair, she seems a bit younger kind of a daydreamer.  When I wore this skin it made me feel adventurous and and fierce ready for whatever came my way and let me tell you I had FUN with her!   Another thing I like about Silken Moon skins is that this skin comes with an endless opportunity of choices ranging from freckles, brows, pubic hairs, abs & nipple options as well as both Slink hands & feet appliers.   So wait no more and head on over and find the skin that suits your needs at…

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Silken Moon’s Powder Skin & Betty Corset

Cc's Fashion Frenzy

Hey guys did you know there is a Runway hunt going on and that you can snag this fabulously fashion at a steal?  That’s right!! This Corset is part of the runway hunt going on until the end of April, and this little beauty can be all yours.  I don’t need to say much about this wonderful creation because it speaks for itself… SPRING TIME is here, and it’s time to work in some vivid colors.  Whatever your planning be sure to head over to Silken Moon and snag this beauty before the end of this month You wont be disappointed, also it is the new fitted mesh so you will need the latest FS viewer to view it properly, (don’t make the same mistake as me) lol.. I was like OMGAH what happened?  Smiles, on a more serious note, Malicia Python of Silken Moon has been a very busy…

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“Silken Moon’s Metaphor Suit”

Cc's Fashion Frenzy

Hi guys today we are showing another masterpiece of Malicia Python’s creator of Silken Moon.  When I first seen this suit I thought that is so me…. It came in  a variety of colors and has a taste to suit everyone.  The first color I tried on was the Sin, and boy let me tell you, It made me think of a seductress, smooth sleek and ready to pounce on her prey! (giggles) Yes, sometimes we get those thoughts rather if we will ever admit them or not… I really treasure this outfit and have found myself wearing it more every time I log into SL.   The second I tried was Night, yes its black in color perhaps mixed with some charcoal tint depending on your light settings.  Black is my comfort zone, not quiet sure why but I always tend to go for the black clothing..  it doesn’t…

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The Traveller


Have you seen the traveller? She moves with the night and day.
With no items of value she finds fortune in being free.

You can’t help this feeling inside. You belong to no one,
as long as your heart can breathe. You belong to no where,
as long as you roam free.


You can’t help this feeling inside. The road will never
swallow you, so live your life on your own two feet.
The road will never swallow your sunrise.


Now I can see what lies ahead and I can feel the wind in my hair.
I know the road will never swallow me. I’ll live my life on my
own two feet, the road will never swallow my sunrise.

Gizza “Gypsy” Dress ***NEW RELEASE***

Silken Moon Skin New Group Gift “Powder”

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